Fairgrounds coffee

fairgrounds coffee

The process creates a lovely, light bodied product that our customers love! We're adding new items to our menu on a regular basis, trying out new ideas and keeping what you like! Our sandwiches are all made in-house, to order. So this place reminds of tradition yet they are hip and up to date on technology.

I'll definitely be back! Now open later on Friday and Saturday! Fair Grounds is Norfolk's oldest independent coffee shop. Come in and stay a while. We think you'll like it here. Things are changing daily here at Fair Grounds. With our new owner Mike Dimirsky at the helm we've added new sandwiches and dessert items.

We've changed our hours and we now accept credit cards for all purchases. Sandwiches Prepared to order We're now offering a variety of sandwiches and other goodies to choose from. Try our long-time favorites: Indeed, you can start building your drink with either espresso or matcha tea.

Then choose cold or hot, and whether you want a latte, an Americano, even a Cortado. Then of course you can add all sorts of flavor shots and what have you. Plus, there are specialty drinks under the Elixers menu that will make many an Instagrammer happy: Prominently displayed on the front counter are nitro taps where you will get your cold brew and kombucha. Flights are encouraged, so you can try all the different brands.

The pour-over system is impressive. And there are snacks! Grab-n-go pastries come from Salty Tart, but there's a full menu of scratch-made food coming from the kitchen. The nod to The Fair in Fairgrounds isn't too heavy handed, but it's there, in vintage programs and banners on the white walls.

How to make iced coffee

how to make iced coffee

If you're really short on time, you can "double brew", or add double the amount of coffee grounds you normally use if your coffee maker has the room. It won't taste diluted when you pour it over ice because the coffee is super concentrated.

There are differences between iced coffee and cold brew more on that here , but cold brew can still be poured over ice and mixed with milk. Here's how to make cold brew coffee at home in your French press.

Skip to main content. Published on May 22, Reading time: Start with Quality Coffee Beans The better the beans, the better the coffee, right? Make Coffee Ice Cubes Freeze leftover coffee into an ice cube tray, and pop 'em into your iced coffee the next morning. Flavor Your Iced Coffee Like a Barista No need to spend a ton of money -- here's how to make your own coffee creamers and flavored syrups. Make a Big Batch There are several ways to make iced coffee at home, but the most simple way is to brew a pot of coffee in your coffee maker, and stick it in a temperature-safe container in your refrigerator until it's cold.

Be sure to visit with me here too: This East Coast Girl at heart believes family is number one as she finds the perfect balance of being a daughter, wife, sister, entrepreneur, writer and woman of God.

Be sure to follow along as she shares her passion for life, love and family! Now I am hopelessly in love with it. Because if I had a coffee pot maker I would drink the whole darn pot. I suppose next is a bean grinder. Nah… that sounds like too much work. I love your mug! Wish I could find one like that with a ShihtZu on it. My little Yum Yum smooch, smooch — love her to death. I agree totally that it always tastes better in a cute mug! I love Iced Coffee too.

I also use organic cane sugar so this recipe works well for me. Soon as it gets warm here again, I will mix up a batch! Thanks for the recipe and the tips. You can find the mug here: Whatever ideas you can share would be appreciated.

Awesome cold coffee, Hazelnut is my favorite. Try this, take your coffee beans, place in the grinder, add two broken up sticks of cinnamon, 4 to 5 star anise…grind to a fine state. Thanks so much for the tip, Bob! Have a great week. Thanks a lot for the Coffee Recipe. Looking to enjoy my holidays with great coffee. You too Enjoy the Holidays! I love iced coffee! I have never made my own though. I will have to try this with the help of my coffee maker. Your email address will not be published.

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Coffee martini

coffee martini

Pour the vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso into a cocktail shaker. Fill the martini glass with ice to chill and then fill the cocktail shaker with ice as well. Put the other half of the shaker on top and give it a good tap to lock it in, then shake the living daylights out of it. You want the ice to smash up while chilling the liquid down; its what creates the frothy top. Try to use fresh-from-the-freezer ice, as melting ice is too watery and will dilute the martini.

Once shaken, tap the side of the shaker to break the vacuum seal. Empty the ice out of the Martini glass, then place the strainer on top of the shaker and pour the contents through a sieve directly into the glass.

Using the strainer and the sieve helps create a rich, smooth, froth. He sweetens it up with some sugar syrup and more than a few italian exclamations. John Quilter is an entrepreneur and broadcaster with over 20 years experience as a restaurateur and chef. Looks like the Nespresso ref has been dropped. About the author John Quilter is an entrepreneur and broadcaster with over 20 years experience as a restaurateur and chef.

Skip links Skip to content. With Kahlua, Irish cream liquor and chocolate sandwich cookies, this martini is almost like a dessert. It's an after-dinner drink that's easy to mix.

Test Kitchen Approved 10 reviews. Rate Comment Save Share Print. Directions Sprinkle sugar and coffee on a plate. Moisten the rim of a cocktail glass with water; hold glass upside down and dip rim into sugar mixture. Fill a mixing glass or tumbler three-fourths full with ice.

Add the vodka, Kahlua and liqueur; stir until condensation forms on outside of glass. Drizzle chocolate syrup on the inside of prepared martini glass if desired.

Strain vodka mixture into glass; serve immediately. Reviews Log in to rate. My Review Click stars to rate. Your rating has been submitted. Please allow 24 hours for your review to appear. Our Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts. Chocolate Caramel Turkey Legs.


Seattle coffee

seattle coffee

Just really good espresso—rich and complex. Comfy couches, plenty of tables, and an old upright piano give this place a living-room feel. Not a hipster in sight. They make toast and pie.

It's on the north end of downtown. If you're on the south end of downtown, go to Zeitgeist , a big, open, industrial-chic space with exposed brick right around the corner from King Street Station, where Amtrak trains arrive and depart.

Want to feel a little sexy? Put on your shiny Italian shoes and park yourself and your battered translation of Rimbaud at one of Caffe Umbria 's or Cherry Street Public House 's outdoor tables along Pioneer Square's brick pedestrian-only plazas off Occidental Square. Anyone who's really into coffee should order the Cafe Nico a macchiato made with half-and-half, orange twist, and cinnamon at Vivace 's sidewalk bar, where latte art was invented.

Want to eat a crepe in a beautiful old stone building at a teeny table under trees like you're in France? Joe Bar , a few blocks north on Broadway, is a jewel: Father east, up the hill, Victrola Cafe on 15th is a favorite for locals: Mystic Kombucha and ginger beer on tap. Settle in among the carefully curated selection of books and games to snack on house-made treats and wholesome salads. Another bookstore cafe I recommend, if you're closer to Broadway: Little Oddfellows in the back of Elliott Bay Book Company, where you can sit and write your novel for four hours and eat a baguette sandwich.

For Seattle's best cold brew on tap, visit the legendary Caffe Vita right around the corner on Pike Street. A neighborhood favorite that serves great espresso three to four selected coffee roasters pulled without pretense, Tougo Coffee encourages lingering at shared tables, with plenty of power outlets and strong wi-fi. But it's in the back, like a bar for children, so they can't bother the rest of us with their partying. Truly family friendly but chill, not awash in boogers and screaming.

If you find yourself in Mount Baker, stop by QED Coffee and get high off their hour cold brew or house-made spicy chai.

If all this coffee fetishization makes you want to just watch some serious chess, check out Starbucks on 23rd and Jackson. This is the most happening Starbucks, maybe in the world: There are hilarious and friendly baristas who are always swamped, swarms of middle schoolers, people arguing about politics in many languages, and parking-lot shenanigans.

You can hang out for hours, and they won't even notice if you don't buy anything. The Station is the soul of Beacon Hill. Everyone knows each other, and if they don't, they will soon. Good and strong Fulcrum coffee is served with that rare magical unicorn: Cozy and dog friendly, the new location offers an expended food menu, as well as the Station's classic drinks like the D'Angelo brown sugar latte , Coco Chanel chai and coconut , and Bowl of Soul Earl Grey, honey, vanilla, steamed milk , all at lower prices than most cafes.

While not officially a coffeehouse, Columbia City Bakery serves excellent Herkimer coffee. Each major coffee region in the world, spanning Indonesia, Africa and South America, possess unique flavour profiles.

Some are higher in acidity while others are fuller in body. Some have fruity notes while some deliver more chocolaty flavours. In order to create our signature espresso blend, we have combined beans from all the major coffee growing regions of the world.

Our approach towards food echoes our coffee philosophy: Instead of using factory-made or preservative-filled produce, we have created a food offering that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our coffee: To this end we use the best fresh ingredients in all our products and ensure that our muffins, sandwiches and pastries are baked daily.

At Seattle we believe that life is too short to drink bad coffee. At Seattle we take the artisanal approach towards the craft of coffee: Starbucks buys out Seattle UK, converting all their stores to the familiar green Siren branding. Our growth has extended from stand-alone stores to 24hr convenience bars in Caltex FreshStops and FoodLovers Markets across the country. Where it all begins The best quality coffee starts with premium-grade green beans. Turn up the heat Roasting coffee is a science and an art form.

The way you like it To the untrained eye, making a great cup of coffee may seem simple and pedestrian. Something for every palate Each major coffee region in the world, spanning Indonesia, Africa and South America, possess unique flavour profiles. Here are some tips for preparing amazing coffee at home: Oxygen, moisture and bright light are the worst flavour-busters for storing roasted beans. An airtight ceramic, glass or steel container is great. Never store them in the fridge or freezer.

We recommend that you enjoy your coffee within 6 weeks from the roast date. Thereafter it slowly begins to lose flavour.

Always grind coffee fresh for each cup. Burr grinders give the best consistency. The general rule of thumb is to make the grind coarser for a long brew time, and finer for a short brew time. The rough guide for brewing coffee of proper strength is about 12g 1 heaped tablespoon of ground coffee per ml 1 cup of water. Tap water with too much chlorine can taste bad. Use fresh filtered water whenever possible. The proper brewing temperature is under boiling point.


French coffee press

french coffee press

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Width 2" to 2. Please enter a minimum and maximum price. Combination Coffee Espresso Machines. Specialty Hot Beverage Makers. Internet marketplace Online Sales llc. Number of Pieces 1 to 9.

Showing 40 of results that match your query. Coffee Daily Brew 1. Coffee Gourmet Brew French Press. Already a Shipping Pass member? Free returns online or in-store Not completely satisfied? We've made returning items as easy as possible. If the coffee sits on the grounds too long, it continues to extract and will become bitter. To clean the French Press, we find it easiest to add a little water to the grounds, give it a good swirl, and empty into the trash or compost bin.

French Press Easy to brew and super consistent, the French Press is very reliable. Bean to cup 4 Minutes. Step 1 Warm up the press Warm up your empty French Press by rinsing it with very hot water. Step 2 Measure and grind Measure out 56g about 8 Tablespoons of coffee and grind it as coarse as breadcrumbs.

Step 3 Add water Now that your French Press is warmed up, discard the hot water and add coffee into the empty press. Step 4 Stir At 1: Step 5 Add more water Now, fill it all the way to the top with water. Step 6 Press At 4: Firmly push the press all the way down.

Step 7 Serve and enjoy Serve it up. Medium Bodum French Press Brewer.