Make coffee without coffee maker

make coffee without coffee maker

May 22, Chef Hacks: How to Make Coffee Without a Coffeemaker. Fill a pan with water and turn on the heat. When the water's boiling, add your coffee. Kill the heat immediately, cover the pan, and wait until all of the grounds settle at the bottom — it will take four to five minutes. You're done: Just slowly pour the coffee off. Jan 21, - 1 min - Uploaded by Rachael Ray Show If you run out of coffee filters one day, or just don't have a coffeepot, never fear! Just put ground. Get your water to boiling, and then immediately turn the heat off. Let the boiled water cool for about 30 seconds. Step 2 - Place your coffee bag in a clean cup and do a slow pour of the water into it. Make sure to get your grounds-filled coffee bag saturated with the hot water, up to your desired level. make coffee without coffee maker How to Make Pour-Over Coffee Jul 14, Learn how to brew coffee while traveling or camping - no coffee maker needed!. Jun 18, Thankfully, coffee can still be brewed without any kind of maker or contraption. In fact, it's surprisingly easy to make a great cup without a coffee. Jun 21, Improvised coffee makers have been used for decades. Here are some of our favorite methods to make coffee without a coffee maker.